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Mobile Outdoor Media Specialises in High Impact Mobile Billboard Advertising Solutions

LED mobile billboard truck
Brisbane Heat WBBL – LED Mobile Billboard

Target Your Audience Anywhere, Anytime with Mobile Billboards

Modern day consumers are bombarded with the noise of around 4,000 – 10,000 advertising messages each day.

Mobile billboard advertising is a highly effective way to cut through the advertising noise and engage your target audience.

We produce high impact mobile billboard advertising with visibility from 3 sides up to 70 metres away. With up to a 97% recall rate, mobile billboards deliver exceptional return for your marketing dollar.

Mobile Billboards Get Results

Mobile Billboard for GC Food & Wine Expo
Gold Coast Food & Wine Expo

“Research indicates that mobile billboards are viewed by 95% of people who drive by them. This makes them the perfect advertising platform to reach people on the go.”Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Benefits of Using Mobile Billboards

Mobile Billboard Advertising can help you:

  • Create a lasting and impactful brand experience through high quality visual media.
  • Effectively and efficiently reach mass audiences.
  • Directly target specific locations, demographics and markets to create brand awareness.
  • Command attention and inspire your audience to take action.
  • Get more value for your advertising dollar when compared with other mass advertising mediums.

Power of Mobile Billboards

Digital Mobile Billboard

Mobile billboards are a type of outdoor advertising that stand out from all other forms of maintstream marketing.

The key drawcard of this advertising technique is the ability to engage your audience in specific locations with peak vehicle or foot traffic.

Why Mobile Billboards Work So Well

As humans, 70% of our time is spent outside of our homes. Mobile outdoor advertising has a unique ability to connect with audiences on the ground as they live their lives.

Mobile billboard trucks reach your potential customers while they are in an environment where they’re not expecting to encounter advertising. This means that their guard is down and they are more likely to notice and engage with your advert.

The real power in a digital mobile billboard marketing campaign is in the ability to deliver your message quickly and efficiently in hyper local locations where other mass marketing campaigns and advertising media may:

  • Not be effective.
  • Not exist.
  • Be far too expensive to implement.

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